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Ion Basgan Foundation
Obiectivele Fundatiei

     "If for a longtime a deep silence fell over the creation of this Romanian inventor, from 1997 it has been started the organization of some scientific manifestations supported by the most representative authorities of the Romanian science and technique, reunions where men of science, research workers, professors, state representatives have paid homage to my father’s personality, Dr. Eng. St. Ion Basgan.

     I take this opportunity for inviting you to join us in order to support the promotion and the preservation of the Romanian intellectual creation, of those conceptions regarding the human freedom and the human rights, as well as the organization and the fulfillment of charity works and socio-humanitarian actions.

Dr. Ing. Ion I. Basgan Jr., Membru Fondator
Primul Preşedinte al Fundaţiei

Promoting of the cultural, scientific and spiritual values of the Romanian people;
Recognition, soustainement and protection of the Romanian intellectual creation, under all the known forms, within the domestic and international space;
Reconsideration of those Romanian cultural, scientific and technical /alues, which have been marginally treated or not recognized;
Promoting and putting into value of the Romanian intellectual property, moral and material sustaining of The Romanian authors and inventors;
The recovery of the values belonging to the cultural, scientifically and technical patrimony and of the rights due to their authors;
Initiation, organizing, supporting, constituting and administrating of education institutions and training centers, intensive and perfectioning courses, post graduated education, specialization, masters for completing the state and private educational forms.
Initiation, soustainment, carrying out and administration of studies and
researches, scientifically and technical research programs, educational
programs, social-humanitarian and philantropical programs;
Initiation, sustaining and promotion of conceptions and actions concerning the individual freedom, the human rights and private property in a free economy;
Establishing and developing of collaboration relationships with associations, foundations, institutions, bodies and organizations from Romania and from abroad, and' initiating and promoting of the connections with the Romanians from abroad for the reconsideration and promoting of the intellectual creation;
Attracting, administrating and using, under legal conditions of assets and real estates, financial sources in the form of donation, subventions, financing, contributions, taxes, subscriptions, funds, other categories and forms of
resources and the granting to some persons and juristic persons of scholarships, premiums, rewards, fees, diplomas and other incentiv
Initiation, sustaining, organizing, achieving and administrating of 3harity deeds, and of social-humanitarian actions, as well as instructive - educational and filantrophical actions.

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